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La Pirogue

Directed by Moussa Touré

A group of African men leave Senegal in a pirogue captained by a local fisherman to undertake the treacherous crossing of the Atlantic to Spain where they believe better lives and prospects are waiting for them.

Salaam Neighbor

Directed by Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple

American filmmakers Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci live in a Syrian refugee camp to chronicle the lives and true stories of their displaced neighbors.

Rain in a Dry Land

Directed by Anne Makepeace

Rain in a Dry Land provides eye-opening answers as it chronicles the fortunes of two Somali Bantu families, transported by relief agencies from years of civil war and refugee life to Springfield, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia.

The Good Lie

Directed by Philippe Falardeau

A group of Sudanese refugees, given the chance to resettle in the U.S., arrive in Kansas City, Missouri, where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives.