ECDC African Community Center of Denver

Employment Services Intern

4 Month Minimum

Project Term: Spring, Summer, Fall
Est. Hours: 12-16 Hours/Week
Locations: Aurora

The African Community Center (ACC) is seeking an Employment Services Intern! The Employment Services position centers on job coaching and assistance for refugees to help them become self-sufficient and enhance their career opportunities. This internship is highly interactive, requiring creative thinking to meet the educational needs of refugees with varying skills and English speaking abilities. The intern will improve refugee lives by facilitating employment skill development. Additionally, the intern will gain a deeper understanding
of these individuals’ backgrounds and skills sets, as well as increased intercultural communication skills, and knowledge of non-profit operations and refugee programs and services in Colorado.

Schedule: 12-16 hours/week; 4-month minimum

Additional information: Position Description

Interested volunteers must first attend a General Orientation session at ACC. Please go to our website at to see upcoming orientation dates and to sign up.

ECDC African Community Center of Denver (ECDC ACC) was established in 2001 as a program office of the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC). Over its 17-year history, ECDC ACC has served over 6,000 refugees, asylum seekers, special immigrant visa holders, and Cuban parolees.