Emily Griffith Technical College

In-Home English Tutor

Minimum 4 Months

Project Term: Ongoing
Est. Hours: Minimum 2 Hours/Week
Locations: Denver

Schedule: Schedule is determined as agreed on by tutor and student.

Does this involve transporting a refugee community member in a personal car?: No

Volunteer Job Description: In the Colorado Refugee ESL Home Tutoring Program, community volunteers teach ESL and acculturation to adult refugees in the students’ homes. Many adult refugees are housebound, with no access to ESL classes. There are also many senior citizens within newly-arrived refugee families as well as refugees who carry the long-term health effects of living in harsh camp conditions, thus preventing them from going to school or even accessing the community around them.

You visit with your student for a minimum of two hours per week, preferably twice a week in one-hour sessions. We ask that you continue for a minimum of four months. All tutoring takes place in the student’s home, but field trips are encouraged.

Additional Information: Tutors do not need to speak their student’s language. Volunteers must attend a free training. Sessions are offered six times a year, all day on a Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pre-registration is required. Applications and current upcoming training dates are on our website.

The Colorado Refugee English as a Second Language Program (CRESL) serves adult refugees who have recently resettled in Colorado, primarily in the Denver metro area. We provide English and literacy instruction, as well as job-readiness education and acculturation lessons. Classroom volunteers assist our teachers and students at Emily Griffith Technical College and add immeasurable value to the students’ school experience. The students benefit significantly from the individualized attention they receive from volunteer tutors and conversation partners.