R Bazaar

Market Set-up & Pack-up Helpers

5 Months

Project Term: 7/29/2018 - 12/31/2018
Est. Hours: 3-5 Hours/Week
Locations: Aurora

Schedule: Sunday farmer’s market and various other events on different days/evenings

Does this involve transporting a refugee community member in a personal car?: No

Volunteer Job Description: R Bazaar is in need of 1-2 volunteers per event to arrive early/stay late to help us with pop-up markets. These markets can be indoors and outdoors and the task involves lifting (up to 30 lbs), carrying and setting up canopy tents, setting decor and helping vendors get their tables ready.

R Bazaar celebrates refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs and businesses through global pop-up markets. Our mission is to bridge refugee and immigrant communities with local populations through the love of international food and entrepreneurship. We accomplish this by organizing positive and inclusive events that showcases cultures through products, flavors and sounds.

We welcome those in the community who are curious about food and culture outside of their normal circles; supportive of refugees and immigrants.