Soccer Without Borders

Summer Camp Intern

5 weeks

Project Term: May 28 - June 28
Est. Hours: 20 hours/week
Locations: Greeley

Summary of Position:

The Summer Camp Intern will help to provide a fun and safe learning environment for participating refugee, asylee and immigrant youth. During our soccer play and instruction, the intern will set up practice, run drills and games alongside the Program Coordinator/Head Coach, and give positive coaching points to student-athletes. Following soccer, the intern will support the implementation of a literacy-based learning session, where students will be divided into small groups based on language level, and engage in fun, leveled literacy activities and games.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Develop, plan, and implement soccer practice plans aligned with SWB curriculum
  • Do all necessary preparation to ensure successful implementation of practice plans
  • Build and maintain positive and supportive relationship with all students, embodying the philosophy that teachers are learners, learners are teachers
  • Assist in program coordination, including managing behavior, managing time, and managing student transitions and work
  • Be a positive and strong leader to players – give clear instruction and feedback
  • Make sure all students are doing something productive during program, involving creating and managing projects when tasks are complete


The Soccer Without Borders program is effective across borders because of its adaptable framework.

While every Soccer Without Borders program has three pillars- Soccer, Education, and Community- we leave space within our program model for local adaptation, responding to the specific needs of a target population and the resources available. We create a team environment defined by consistent leaders, dynamic and relevant activities, and a culture of acceptance.


We provide the equipment, coaching, and transportation needed to help participants of all skill levels pass, dribble, score, sweat, win, lose, learn, and celebrate together in organized practices and games.


We provide academic and language development support, high school and college preparation, as well as workshops on nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, healthy relationships and any other topics that are most important to participants.


We build community at the family, team, local, and global levels, combating social isolation by connecting our participants and programs to resources and learning opportunities across cultures and beyond borders.