Farduus Ahmed

Farduus Ahmed | Somalia

Farduus Ahmed is a resident of Denver, Colorado. She is a former refugee and has 13 years of experience working with refugee and immigrant communities. Farduus is currently working with Hope Communities as a Grant and Partnership Administrator for a refugee navigation service program. Also, she is a Community Navigator who supports Colorado’s refugees, immigrants, and asylum-seeking populations to achieve self-sufficiency and local integration in their new home in Colorado. At present, Farduus is a graduate student at the University of Denver, pursuing a Masters of Social Work degree and interning with the Colorado Department of Human Services.

She is a professional certified interpreter/translator who speaks Somali and English and interprets/translates for courtrooms, hospitals, conferences, schools, social services, and more. She was also a radio host at EDUCA radio in Denver where she shared important information to the Somali community.

Farduus enjoys participating in community volunteer activities. She currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Denver Police Department Chief’s Community Advisory Board, a member of the Colorado Family Voice Council, a Member of the Colorado Refugee Speakers Bureau, and is a Commissioner for the Denver office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs. 

She received the Immigrant Liberty Award of the year in 2017 for outstanding service to the immigrant community. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Business Administration and is currently working towards a Master of Social Work from the University of Denver.

Her interests include serving refugees and immigrants as well as human rights in a global setting. She loves being active and believes in a healthy lifestyle.  She engages elderly refugees and communities in activities supporting healthy lifestyles.