Khaja Humayoun Amini

Khaja Humayoun Amini | Afghanistan

Humayoun came to Colorado in January 2022 and left his family back in Afghanistan. Humayoun has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and 9 years of experience in local governance and counternarcotics. He graduated from Himachal Pradesh University in India in 2019. He served as the provincial Director of Counternarcotics in Nimruz province also known as ‘little Columbia’ in narcotics terms for more than four years. He then received a government funded scholarship to pursue his higher education in India. After graduating, Humayoon started his job as Research, Studies and Planning Director for Counternarcotics in the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Besides his formal positions, he was engaged in many volunteering activities such as with the Afghan Robotic Girls in Kabul, and as a member of “Sistan youth,” a bridge between Nimruzian and Parliament Members in Kabul.

Humayoun established Chegini Camp in Nimruz, a rehabilitation center for individuals suffering from addiction, and applied, for the first time in Nimruz, the 12 steps toward better life. Humayoun now serves as an Employment Specialist at the International Rescue Committee in Denver. His hobbies are skydiving, horseback riding, hunting, and swimming.