Mosawer Akbari

Mosawer Akbari | Afghanistan

Mosawer was born and raised in the heart of Kabul and grew up a very outgoing and active child. Always staying proactive, he ventured into alot of different activities to build his talents. Mosawer was a part of the Jowanan team at school, which helped to encourage school-deprived children to go to school. As part of this group, he traveled to various schools, and has spoke about the challenges facing many Afghans. Mosawer attended Shahesta -e- hiwad high school, where he graduated with a 94% average. After finishing school, he passed his exams at the Indian Embassy and was able to win the ICCR scholarship out of thousands of afghans. However, because his mother was a judge and his father worked with Americans, they were threatened by the Taliban. Finally, they decided to leave our homeland. Mosawer shares “we were one of the lucky families, we came at a good time and now we are safe.” He is currently studying at the Commuinty College of Denver, and he is greatly honored to be a member of the Colorado Refugee Speakers Bureau, as this program provides him the opportunity to gain experience and share his story.