Nga Vương-Sandoval

Nga Vương-Sandoval | Việt Nam

Nga Vương-Sandoval and her family fled their homeland due to the Việt Nam War, became refugees and were displaced in refugee camps before resettling in the U.S. and were known as the “boat people”. She currently serves as an Investigator at the Colorado Department of Law. Her prior professional experience includes serving at the state homeland security office specializing in counterintelligence and counterterrorism, as well as an affiliate faculty at two universities. Her scholarly book reviews are published in Oxford University Press.

Nga embraces her heritage and refugee experience and is empathetic to the plight of other underrepresented communities. As a fierce social justice and human rights advocate and serves in various advocacy roles. She’s a TEDx Presenter, the Refugee Congress Delegate for Colorado, is a founding member and public speaker with Colorado Refugee Speakers Bureau, the first refugee elected to Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains Board of Directors and is Vice-Chair of Program Services, a Noble Ambassador for Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and advisory member for Denver’s Little Sài Gòn Redevelopment Group and Denver Elections Advisory Committee. Nga’s NVS Cre-Asian handmade origami line is sold at Ruby’s Market in Denver.

She was honored with a mural by artist I Am Detour (Thomas Evans) located in the Five Points Neighborhood. She was recognized as “Five Inspiring Refugee Women” for International Women’s Day by USA for UNHCR. Nga met with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and advocated to raise the Presidential Determination for refugee admissions. Nga presented at the United Nations Association USA 2021 “World Refugee Day: The Power of Inclusion” event. She was named as “100 Asians That You Need to Know” by Asian Avenue Magazine. She received the 2021 Colorado Attorney General’s Award for “Outstanding Community Service” for her tireless advocacy for underrepresented communities.