Praja Gautam

Praja Gautam | Bhutan

Praja Gautam is originally from Bhutan and identifies as Bhutanese. As a result of political revolution, he was exiled from Bhutan to Nepal as a refugee. When Praja arrived in Nepal, he was small. He spent nearly 24 years as a refugee. Praja finally received the opportunity to come to the United States in 2016, arriving in Aurora, Colorado. Praja completed his bachelor’s degree from Jhapa, Nepal. He has served as a paraprofessional. Currently, Praja is working part-time as a Nepali Navigator for Rise Colorado and also as a Class Monitor Teacher at Crawford Elementary School. He is committed to working in the community. Praja is interested in writing books and has written a book. He also reads a lot, collects old coins from different countries, watches comedy movies, and is interested in homemade medicinal herbs.