Walid Al Ani

Walid Al Ani | Iraq

Walid is a refugee from Iraq. He is married and has three adult children. Walid lives with his wife, daughter, and mother. He has worked with USAID, USDA/FAS, and the State Department in Baghdad, Iraq for over 10 years building internal and external customer relations and helping to rebuild the country. Walid was recognized by the State Department for high standards of achievement. He and his family finally had to flee Iraq because of the security threats. Here in the U.S., his Activity Leader position at the Denver Library, Plaza Program provided him with a new purpose in life, helping refugees find their worth by accessing community resources and providing guidance to customers through developing sustainable living plans for themselves and their families by achieving self-sufficiency. Walid’s goal in life is to develop his career along the right path and continue to discover his passions.