The Spring Institute

Project Shine: Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker

1 month+

Project Term: Ongoing
Est. Hours: 2-5 hours per week
Locations: Aurora
South Metro Area

Project SHINE is in need of a Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker. As a Community Health Worker the position requires providing instruction in health literacy and planning activities that promote healthy lifestyles. The Patient Navigator position requires assessing medical, social and family needs which can include making and taking patients to doctor appointments and showing them how to use the bus system.


  • serve as Patient Navigator
  • provide reports to supervisor after navigation visits
  • teach health literacy classes
  • help develop and implement healthy living activities (i.e., gardening, walking groups, and yoga) in the community, make appointments and take clients to the doctor, food banks, etc.
  • provide support among refugees and immigrant populations by creating peer support opportunities and linking them to resources


  • enthusiastic, curious and willing to learn new things
  • acceptance of and ability to serve in diverse populations
  • organized
  • self-starter
  • creative
  • problem-solver
  • collaborative spirit
  • excellent communication skills

WORK LOCATIONS: The work locations are at the apartment complexes where refugees and immigrants live and receive care: Hidden Brook and Grace Apartments and other apartments in the area (13th and Xenia; Monaco and Leetsdale; 11th and Syracuse; Denver Health and Hospitals; Lowry Clinic; University Hospital, Anschutz Campus; Childrens’ Hospital; and other sites as needed) The position of Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker requires emotional maturity when communicating with clients that have experienced significant trauma and loss. In addition, Project SHINE strives to create manageable goals and boundaries when assisting clients. This position can be physically, emotionally and intellectually demanding. At the same time, it provides someone the opportunity to see the difference they are making every day in the lives of newcomers.

Spring Institute was founded in 1979 to provide intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) training for international students. Within a year, Spring Institute began working within the emerging refugee resettlement network, primarily to meet the English-language and pre-employment needs of these newcomers.